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Welcome to topweedforsale.com my name is John. I have been looking for a site that would tell me everything I wanted to know about marijuana. Everyone around me was using it or had used it at some point in their life. I finally found it but in the latter of my life. I thought to myself man, I could have used a site that answered all my questions about marijuana earlier on. This is what this site will do for you.


I thought to myself, why not make a site that answers all the questions you might have about marijuana/cannabis. I struggled with finding weed or people that sold weed yet I could smell it everywhere at parties, friends had it and I just wanted to try it! I was just to proud or shy to ask people where they got it. Didn’t want people thinking I was a pothead or something along that line but I did want to try it. Wouldn’t even ask my friends. So there I was someone who wanted to try it but couldn’t get it.

HOW topweedforsale.com CAN HELP YOU!

Want to find good marijuana? Topweedforsale.com will help you with that. Want to find out what you will feel when you experience certain marijuana, got that too. Now you don’t need to feel insecure around those that have already tried it and are describing it to you like it is the best thing going cause I finally tried it and it is!

This site is to help all people experienced and non-experienced, new to marijuana and those that have been smoking it for ages. Access to cannabis/marijuana for all!


Everyday marijuana is being legalized everywhere. More now than what it was when I was looking for it. Whether it is for medicinal reasons or just for pleasure. I will help you find it. This site will answer any questions you may have about it. It has just been legalized here but I thought to myself what about when it wasn’t legal here? I am going to help you by telling you all the places it is and isn’t legal now. Where you can get it? What are the best places to get it!

If not drop me a line below and I will try to answer the best I can and get back to you as soon as possible.


All the best,

Founder of topweedforsale.com




  1. I wasnt sure if medical marijuana could help my condition but I see it can! Thanks for the info it helped greatly!

    • Your very welcome Brandan. Medical Marijuana can help many conditions. Glad you found my site helpful. Come back soon as I will have more posts and information!

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